Nina Roberts


Nina Roberts was born in Worcestershire, but was brought up in West Africa. She studied book illustration and design at Twickenham College, Middlesex. Roberts worked for publishing houses in London, then went on to freelance with The Garden Studio Covent Garden. In the 1970’s Roberts moved to Wiltshire where she works in her studio. She has exhibited in London and the West of England in group and solo shows, including at the Printmakers Council, Clerkenwell and the Mall Galleries, London.


There is an emotional element from the past that Roberts brings to her work. Her inspiration may come from reading an article in the newspaper or seeing a photograph. She then lets her subconscious take over and goes with the mood. In some of her paintings she places strange figures, symbolic shapes, in the form of boxes, representing the human condition of feeling trapped. The bed, another image used, central to many life situations.

With a limited palette, mixing turquoise blues and vivid greens, on dark backgrounds, Roberts gets a rich and strange brightness not seen in other works.

'I love the challenge of a blank canvas, mixing up colours on the palette, mark making and superimposing one colour on top of the other, gaining many layers of enriched paint surface.'


  • 44AD
    Fringe Arts Bath,  Bath
  • Lane house Arts
    Walcot Street,  Bath
  • The Gallery
    Frogmore Street,  Bristol
  • Sherbourne Gallery
    Sherbourne,  Dorset
  • Prime art Gallery
    The Lodge,  Cleveland Bridge,  Bath
  • Fisherton Mill,
    Salisbury, Wiltshire
  • The Affordable Art Fair
  • Wiltshire Heritage Gallery
  • Wine Street Gallery
  • Print Makers Council
    Clerkenwell,  London
  • The Mall Gallery
    17 Carlton House Terrace,  London

Solo Exhibitions

  • Prime Art Gallery
  • The Gallery
    Handle House, Devizes
  • Hardy House Gallery
    Box, Wiltshire


  • RSA Industrial Design Bursaries CompetitionJohn Adam St,  London