Nina Roberts


Nina Roberts was born in the county of Worcestershire. She grew up in West Africa, returning with her parents to England at the age of ten. She graduated from art college in the seventies, after studying illustration and design. Nina worked for London publishers, and then freelanced for The Garden studio, Covent Garden.

In the late eighties Nina and her husband decided to move to Wiltshire, in the South West, where her husband began the long process of opening a stone quarry. The struggle for both was enormous, taking Nina away from her work to help with the business. After the gap, Nina decided to change direction and become a painter and print maker. Self taught, she visited the galleries and museums, marvelling at painters like Francis Bacon and the sculptor Rachel Whiteread.

Through the image of the bed, Nina links birth and death. Her feelings of being trapped are conveyed in box shapes. She interprets the image of stone blocks, shafts and the underground in an abstract way, that screams out at you in her cold use of colour. Today Nina finds herself once again changing direction to work with recycled glass building 3D constructions, which to her surprise compliments her paintings and silk screen prints.


My work is always trying to say something through hidden messages. I invite the viewer to look at subjects that are not always easy to read, challenging them to ask questions.

Having a personal and close history with quarry’s, there is a tectonic structure resonating through the work which links up quarry’s, with the image of the bed, not unlike a block of stone, that deals with birth and death central to our everyday lives. Box shapes that represent feelings of being trapped, and interior buildings that inspire my strong sense of design.

I use a limited palette of greys and blues. Starting on a dark background using oils on canvas, I superimpose one thin layer of paint on top of another. Spending hours reassessing my mark making brush strokes, sometimes turning the canvas upside down and going with the flow very often not knowing what the finished result will be.


  • Chippenham Museum
    Modern and Contemporary Art Exhibition,  Chippenham, 2021
  • 44AD
    Fringe Arts Bath,  Bath
  • Lane house Arts
    Walcot Street,  Bath
  • The Gallery
    Frogmore Street,  Bristol
  • Sherbourne Gallery
    Sherbourne,  Dorset
  • Prime art Gallery
    The Lodge,  Cleveland Bridge,  Bath
  • Fisherton Mill,
    Salisbury, Wiltshire
  • The Affordable Art Fair
  • Wiltshire Heritage Gallery
  • Wine Street Gallery
  • Print Makers Council
    Clerkenwell,  London
  • The Mall Gallery
    17 Carlton House Terrace,  London

Solo Exhibitions

  • Prime Art Gallery
  • The Gallery
    Handle House, Devizes
  • Hardy House Gallery
    Box, Wiltshire


  • 2016  Opened a gallery in her contemporary house
  • 2015  Colaborated with Lane House Arts Gallery Bath


  • Modern & Contemporary Art Collection, 
    Chippenham Museum
  • Private Collections


  • 2016  The Bath magazine
  • 1990  Wiltshire Life


  • RSA Industrial Design Bursaries CompetitionJohn Adam St,  London